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Best 10 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO: 2024 edition

Are you searching for the right keywords but not finding them? A Content writer or Digital Marketer always Research keyword which should be according to your audience. Have you ever thought about how you can find relatable keywords according to products or your services?

Many content writers also use chatGPT to find the right keywords for their content, but finding keywords from chatGPT is not that easy and not that efficient.

In this blog, you will read about a keywords tool that helps to find relatable keywords with identifying the right keywords.

Let’s read the list of Keyword Finder Tool:

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner | 7017 Money | Blogs

Google keyword planner is a Keyword Finding tool that provided by Google. In India, 76,20,000 searches in 0.25 seconds, and In UK , 82,70,000 searches in 0.26 seconds. Which means Google keyword planner is vast and big platform that used in all over the world.

#1 In your Google Ads account, click the Tools icon. 

#2 Click the Planning drop down in the section menu.

#3 Click Keyword Tool

#4 Click Discover new keywords.

On the Tap on Discover new keywords, so you search any type of word, but you have to take care that input the common keyword.

2. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is a keyword finder tool invented  by Neil Patel which is very beneficial Tool for Content Writer, Digital Marketer and Social Media Manager. Audience searches 11,40,00,000 in 0.23 seconds only in India because this is best website or tool to find Keywords. 

Answer thepublic Google search | 7017 Money | Blogs

By the way, the tool is upgraded but you can also get 3 searches daily with historical searches but get more than keywords you will have to upgrade the system. You can find your keywords for four platforms, that is , Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon. 

#1 Firstly, Create the Account by Gmail or Microsoft account.

#2 Then, Click on the search bar and type “Digital Marketing Ageny” or any kind of keyword which you want to search for.

#3 It will show Search results, Search Volume and Cost per Click as well as you can export or download the full report instead to sign in again and again.

Answer the public Google search 2 | 7017 Money | Blogs

And the more you keep using it and learn how to do it, the more benefits you will get.

3. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is also a keyword Finder that works globally and enables to find keywords for Content writing, Blogging and in social media platforms. Keyword tool provides best results according to user. 

For example, If you search “ fashion designing institute “ so result will be notified as keyword suggestions, Questions, Prepositions and #Hashtags.

Keyword Research tool | 7017 Money | Blogs

Total Search Volume, Average Trend, Average CPC, Average Competition.

But in the Keyword Tool you have to sign up firstly, then you can access the tool and get 2 keywords, but if you want to get more keywords so, you have to update the tool.

Monitoring keyword trends over time is crucial for staying ahead in the ever-changing digital landscape. Keyword tools offer historical data and trend analysis, enabling users to identify emerging trends and adapt their content accordingly.

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Semrush is an international platform for keyword research to supercharge Digital marketing strategies and helps to discover organic keywords for projects.

Keyword Research Keyword | 7017 Money | Blogs

Semrush’s Keyword Tool lets you search for hundreds of thousands of keywords by typing in specific phrases or terms. It gives you valuable information about search volume, keyword complexity, and average CPC for paid ads.

Semrush provides not only a keyword research facility rather provides Keyword Magic Tool, Keyword Gap and Keyword Manager. These tools provide a lot of help to Digital marketer.

5. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Research | 7017 Money | Blogs

Moz is a free powerful keyword Finder Tool.  Moz Explorer is an essential tool for digital marketers and SEO experts looking for effective keyword research. As part of the Moz Pro suite, Explorer provides valuable insights into keyword competition, search activity, and other important metrics that help you make informed content optimization decisions.

Moz Analyse keyword by search volume which helps to choose that this keyword should be in use or not , according to our criteria and location.

As well as generating and providing keyword lists  in which keyword score helps to keep priority those keywords which helps to increase the chance to rank websites via best keywords find.

6. Google Trends Keyword Finder

Google Trends Keyword Finder stands as an important tool in digital analytics. By inputting desired keywords, marketers can use the tool’s abilities to customize searches, refining parameters such as location and time frame. The comparison feature allows parallel testing of up to five keywords, showing their relative popularity.

This relative measurement empowers marketers to assess user interest trends with accuracy, informing strategic decisions. Additionally, the tool enables users to explore trending searches through the “Trending Now” webpage and Explore tool.

How to use Google Trends Keyword Finder

Go to Google Trends and enter the desired keyword in the search bar.

Google trend now | 7017 Money | Blogs

Explore the tool’s user-friendly interface.

Refine your results by adjusting parameters like geographic location, time frame, and search category (image, news, shopping, or YouTube).

You can use the comparison feature to analyze up to five keywords at once.

Googe search refine| 7017 Money | Blogs
Google Trends |7017 money| Blogs

Google Trends provides search query data in percentages (0 to 100), providing a relative measure of keyword popularity.

Find out current trends through the “Trends Now” webpage and explore tool. Identify popular searches and align your content strategy accordingly.

Use Google Trends Keyword Finder to optimize SEO and content strategies. Stay informed about trending topics, understand regional preferences and Customise your material to user needs.

7. Backlinko Keyword Finder

In the field of SEO, Backlinko Keyword Finder looks to be a game-changer, created by renowned SEO expert Brian Dean. It provides users with a classy experience that highlights high-impact keywords for unmatched online visibility.

How to use Backlinko Keyword Finder

Go to the Backlinko website and find the Keyword Finder tool. Or start by entering your desired keyword in the search bar.

Backlinko Keyword Finder generates a detailed list of keyword suggestions related to your input. Explore this list to identify keywords for your content.

Backlinko keyword finder| 7017 Money | Blogs

Get insight into the monthly search volume for each suggested keyword. Backlinko Keyword Finder provides a competitiveness score, which helps you identify keywords with low competition. Choose your keywords based on the balance between search volume and competition.

Follow selected keywords within your content, titles, and meta tags to effectively optimize for search engines.

8. Keywords Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere | 7017 Money | Blogs

For bloggers, marketers, and businesses attempting to increase their online visibility, keyword research is essential. Keywords Everywhere are not just tools. It is also a browser extension compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox that emerges as a powerful ally, empowering users to navigate the complexities of SEO efficiently.

Visit the Keywords Everywhere product page and click ‘Add to Chrome’, ‘Add to Firefox’, or ‘Add to Edge to install the extension.

One of its standout features is its integration directly into Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), making keyword insights easily available without having to toggle between different platforms.

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Do a Google search, and Keywords Everywhere will display keyword data on the right side.

9. KW Finder

In digital marketing, the right keywords act as guiding stars for online success. Finding a reliable keyword research tool is similar to learning a hidden treasure. Designed with precision by Mangools, KWFinder provides users with an intuitive experience, allowing them to easily find high-search-volume, low-competition keywords.

Kw finder tool| 7017 Money| Blogs
Keyword research filter and results |7017 Money | Blogs

Start your journey with KWFinder by signing up for an account. Once inside, enter your keyword—the basic term you want to explore. This tool offers various search options, including suggestions, autocomplete and queries,

Keyword results|7017 Money| Blogs

Review the important keyword metrics are displayed on the dashboard. Get a snapshot of each keyword’s performance, from search volume trends to SEO difficulty scores. And Refine your search by applying filters.

Click the “Analyze SERP” button to go deeper into SERPChecker. Uncover key competition metrics, including DA, PA, and estimated monthly visits, to assess the strength of your competitors.

10. WordStream

Wordstream keyword research tool|7017 Money| Blogs

WordStream, A well-known figure in digital marketing space, offers a powerful tool designed to empower businesses in their keyword efforts. WordStream’s Free – The Key to Opening Up the World of Strategic Keyword Insights and Optimizing Your Online Presence

WordStream’s free keyword tool is known for its flexibility. Designed not just for SEO but with paid search marketers in mind, this tool is your gateway to accurate and impactful keyword research.

After opening the tool, you will find a search bar. Input your keywords and primary terms relevant to your business or content.

Refine your search by selecting your industry and country.

Analyse the available stats. for each keyword, including search volume, cost per click (CPC), PPC competition score, and SEO difficulty.

There is also an option to download keywords